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Zion Cemetery - Frisco, Texas

April 5, 2009
Sunrize over Zion

In the 1880's, promise of free land brought settlers to this area known as Hawkins Settlement. A Methodist society was formed & Zion Church & Cemetery were established on land owned by J. Henry Hawkins. Earliest known burial was in 1859. Sitting atop a Bluebonnet covered hill, it is an active cemetery today.

Little Elm water tower through the headstones
I have photographed Zion Cemetery on several occasions over the years. At sunrise, at sunset and at different times of the year. Zion is one of the few places north of Dallas where you can find a field of Bluebonnets in the Spring and the view from it's isolated knoll is unimpeded and breathtaking at the right time of day.
Lone Tree
A tractor was somehow important to the person buried here.
This petrified tortoise diet right next to this cactus. And hundreds of yards from the nearest water.
Wieweck family plot
An ancient tree frames this view of Zion
Stop and Smell the Flowers is good advice
Tanner Williams was only 2 years old
Row of tombstones at sunset
A long-disused outhouse
Trees struck by lighting are not unusual
Robinson family monument
Infrant Murphy 1881
A long-disused outhouse
Nettie Wilsoni 1879-1939
A pile of stones is all that's left of this tombstone
Lewellen Murphy 1818-1880
A pile of stones is all that's left of this tombstone
Infant Gertrude Harpe 1881
Lewellen Murphy 1818-1880
Fannie's cracked headstone 1871
James Mazur, Jr has "gone fishing" 1979-1994
Sunrise through a bracket atop a tombstone
Ornamental flowrers in the middle of a field
Sunrise over Zion
Long shadows at sunset
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Zion Mockingbird
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