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Van Winkle Cemetery - Climax, Texas

April 5, 2009
Van Winkle Cemetery Entrance

A brightly decorated gravesite and bare tree

Van Winkle Cemetery Entrance
We stumbled across this small, picturesque cemetery while exploring the back roads of North Texas one afternoon. While passing by the outskirts of Princeton, we spotted this restful little necropolis, nestled in among the oak trees.
An ornate carving depicts gates on this headstone
Assorted tombstones
Two rows of tombstones
A variety of tombstones and trees
Ornate decorations show great care.
Beaulah C. Henry
Ellen Henry 1834-1889 + W.A. Henry 1833-1889
Split wood tombstone
Tombstones in the shade of the trees
E.C. Box 1832-1918
Steel channel holds this cracked tombstone together
A sparse tree reaches for the sky.
Row of tombstones
Essie J Slatter - 16 mo old 1886
Assorted tombstones
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