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St. Jo Cemetery - St. Jo, Texas

November 28, 2010
Collection of tombstones under shade trees
Bare Winter trees provide little shade
Overview of the cemetary
Tombstone cracked in half
Robert R Fulton 1835-1911
Eliza M Fulton 1838-
Palestine Lee 1842-1880
Vina Holt 1877
Irby Stonewall Boggess 14 mos old 1884
Tilted tombstone marked simply E.L.W.
Pioneers - Boggess Family Plot|
Barbara Allen 1941
Irby Holt 1914
Williams tombstone 1864-1885
A tombstone leans against a bare tree
A broken tombstone has sunken into the earth
The top remnant of a tombstone juts from the earth
A solitary bunch of flowers and a flag marks a grave
The wind has pushed leaves and grass clippings into the fence corner
Mattie Thorne 1860-1881
Thorne family fenced plot
Baby boy Thorn, 4 mos old 1881
Iron fenced plot and a majestic tree
A tree stands in the middle of a fenced plot
A tall tree has succumbed to the elements
A tombstone leans against crumbling bricks
C.A. Notwood - 1890
A tree stands in the middle of a fenced plot
A broken tombstone leans against a fallen tree
A simple stone juts from the earth as a marker
A tree stands in the middle of a fenced plot
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