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Routh Family Cemetery - Richardson, Texas

April 22, 2007 - information updated October 5, 2011
Left - Jacob Routh - 1818-1879
Right - Rose & Clara
Enormous boulder carved for Mrs L.A. Routh -- 1833-1916
Solarized view of plot from left corner

This is one of those amazing rare jewels scattered around Texas.
The Routh Family Cemetery is incredibly well-concealed in an obscure section of a large park in Richardson.
The Routh family donated the park to the City on the condition the City would never develop the land.
Tombstone for Sharon, Rinnett and Theda (Clara Routh's dogs) and her "beloved Fluffie" (1918-1937). Fluffie was Clara's favorite cat.

View of entire plot. Note the marker stones to the right - outside the cyclone fence. These belong to Clara Routh's horses.

October 4, 2011: Thanks to Angela (Rose & Clara’s great-great niece) for updating the information on headstones found at this location.

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