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Frontier Red Hill Cemetery - Ben Wheeler, Texas

April 26, 2008
W A Germany - baby - 1878
Dedication plaque
Simple marker with Texas flag waving

The first grave here was that of 19-year-old Elizabeth Carolina Piles, who died May 4, 1856. Buried nearby are her sister melissa, who died two days later, and her father John Piles (1802-57), on whose land the cemetery was located.
Included among the 188 graves here are those of six confederate verterans - Samuel W. Murphy, David Tumlinson, Robert S. Boykin, Thomas Piles, F. M. Shirey, and Robert Beam. Four Acres of land were first set aside for the cemetery in 1886, and four more acres were donated in 1963. The Frontier Red Hill Cemetery Association now maintains the site.
Well concealed along a back road in rural texas,this heavily wooded 8 acre parcel of land is home to six Confederate veterans - and a lot more fire ants. This cemetery is unusual with it's raised graves. You don't see this often in Texas..
Infrared view of cemetery
Infrared row of raised graves
Infrared view of pioneer markers
Infrared view of cemetery entrance
Cluster of tombstones
Infrared view of cemetery

Broken tombstone

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All Rights Reserved

Grave of a one month old infant - 1875
Marker atop broken top plate
Annie Davidson 1853-1872