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Oakwood Cemetery - Gainesville, Texas

March 8, 2009
Cluster of old tombstones
Monochrome overview of cemetery
Various plots
Oak Wood Cemetery
We stumbled across this large cemetery while exploring Gainesville one afternoon. That's another story altogether. Very interesting necropolis here in Gainesville.
Oak Wood Cemetery entrance
Ixie Bennett - 5 yrs old
James H. Hewell 1915
Westbrook monument
Ollie Foster McMahan 1937
Tombstones - Salena Hammond 1943 + Bennett 1909
Thomas D. Stewart 1965 - Rosa E. 1969
Edgar L. Richardson 1886
Cross monument to Marjorie Wade age 2
Old tombstones
Children of George & Jennie Wade
Ornate cross top piece
7 Mo old baby tombstone
Eldred Hindrix Acree 1944
Sallie O. Acree 1902 - R.R. Acree 1900
Old monuments
Alex Abney - 1900 - 7 years old
T. Webster tombstone
Leaning tombstones
Frank K. Brown 1938
Hand- scribed Poffenbach stone
Settler's stone
George Poffenbach - 1896
Row of tombstones
McMenamy family plot
Rock hand-carved VEY
Fenced plot
Row of tombstones
Child's grave with baby booties on top
Tall monument
Fenced family plot
Deteriorating heavy stone coffin
Stone box-type grave
Harvey & Dora Stanfield -- infants
Deteriorating heavy stone coffin
Miller tombstone - 1879
Harvey and Dora Stanfield tombstone
Louisa M - 1876
Interesting gate handle assembly
White PVC crosses and American flag
Overview of cemetery
William Berry tombstone - Late 1800s
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All Rights Reserved
Malinda and Angeline Newton headstone