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Oak Hill Cemetery - Whitewright, Texas

September 1, 2008
Row of tombstones
Cemetery road
Mullican monument with wrought iron sign hanger

Hubbard Mausoleum

This collection is incomplete. I intend to go back and more thoroughly document this intersting necropolis, subdivided by a County Road. Some interesting historical figures are interred here and I intend to document them at a later date.

Brass doors to the Hubbard Mausoleum
Hubbard Mausoleum
Sears monument
Hubbard Mausoleum
Mary Hasty 1991 and Marshall Hasty
Monuments to Norris, Owen, Woodson, Muirhead, Elsie L, Pauline Davis, Margaret Jones
Christian cross-shaped tombstone
Sarah Hicks 1938 and Russell Hicks 1936
Assortment of tomstones with fresh flowers
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All Rights Reserved
Solarized scenic view of cemetery