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New Hope Cemetery - Burns City, Texas

September 9, 2007
Simple stone - WHC 1901
New Hope Cemetery entrance
Ron Hill 1916 - 2 Years old
A dash of color provided by local wildlife
White wooden cross leans against headstone
Solarized overview of cemetery
Cecil Riley Smith 1914
John H. Epperson 1996 - note solar lights and flowers
Lichen-encrusted settlers stone - hand-carved with "A Baby"
Wife of A.J. Rayzor - 1876 / A.J. Rayzor 1887
Small white granite marker against a tree
Chester Clay 1881 - 4 years old
Early settler spike in foreground
Twisted cross suspended - James Wesley Clark 2005
Coulter tombstone of girl holding flowers
Solarized view of tall monuments
Mike, Janet and Phil Graves large, black granite headstone
Unreadable memorial block to to lichen growth
Stone settler monument and a row of headstones
White wooden cross and wreath
Twisted cross suspended - Clark, Seale and King monuments
Wm. H. "Doc" Cobb memorial stone with white cross
White wooden cross
Figurines and blue crosses adorn couple's headstone
Tiny birdhouse suspended over Langston monument
Tombstone next to service building

Solarized scenic landscape

All images © Copyright Warren Paul Harris
All Rights Reserved

Collection of figurines at base of Granny's headstone
Area view of gravesites
Infrared of gravesites
Row of tombstones
Infrared of tombstones and trees
Your Table Is Ready
Row of tombstones in infrared