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Plano Mutual Cemetery - Plano, Texas

February 2009
Entry plaque
Row of tombstones
Plano Mutual Cemetery plaque
Among the earliest graveyards in Collin County, this cemetery traces its beginnings to 1852 when Dr. Lillie was buried on land belonging to his uncle William Forman. A Kentucky native, Forman came to Texas about 1850 and bought 640 acres in 1851 from Sanford Beck. Lillie's death prompted a meeting of pioneer settlers to decide the location of a graveyard. The owners of four sections of land that converged together promised equal portions for the cemetery. However, most of the earliest graves are located on Forman land.
Plano Mutual Cemetery plaque

By the 1870's the Forman family cemetery was combined with cemetery tracts purchased by the local Masonic and Odd Fellows' Lodges. A group of local women organized the Ladies Mutual Cemetery Association in the 1890s to maintain the site. They beautified the grounds, provided a pavilion and doubled the size of the cemetery during their nearly 40 years tenure.


By 1907 adjoining tracts of land were bought by the Mutual Cemetery Association, Woodmen of the World and Knights of Pythias Organizations. The Plano Mutual Cemetery Association was formed in 1928 and continues service to the site. Buried here are many early pioneers and their descendants, war veterans and elected officials.
Headless statue on monument
Headless statue on monument
Memory plaque
Neobardo A. Diaz Reynoso - 2003
Harold and Agnes Naasz
Michael Allen Cook, Anatoliy & Frida Kusherov + Tague monuments
Scenic shot of cemetery
Bare wooden cross
Scenic shot of cemetery
Cabbot Howard - 1877
Infants A.&R. Cochran - 1871
Heart monument to Blanca Rodriquez 2000
Thin wooden crosses against monument
Pair of early headstones
Mary Derryberry - Stainless steel wrapped broken headstone
Infant daughter of Forman - 1888
Infant Eliza Iona Forman
Luther B. Miller - 2000
View of ancient tomstone through massive monument
Rosey B. Chochran top of headstone
Famiily plot of convex tombstones
Bernard Reilly 1873 - Steel clamped cracked tombstone
Mary Derryberry - 1876 - Stainless steel reinforced tombstone
Sara Bell Fowler - 1877 - Elleanore Bates
Large granite monument through fence
Boggess monument - 1888
Lundy Hagins - 1920
George Davis Culledge - 1899
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