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Muslim Cemetery - Denton, Texas

Aprl, 2008
Muslim Cemetery
Muslim Cemetery entrance
A lot of rules for this Muslim necropolis

Typical plot

I'm not sure what this is. Looks like a motion detector of some kind, but as under-maintained as the rest of the property. >>>

Located on a corner of a highway intersection near the "middle of nowhere" in Denton County, we discovered this Muslim cemetery. I was surprised by how run-down and unkempt it was, with many of the gravesites marked only by small metal plaques on stands. All the sites were overgrown and some were nothing but dirt and rock. Not what I expected.
this is an intersting style not seen often
Looks like a dump, but it's a grave
Infrared of the cemetery
The nicest of all the graves here - Reza Afsari
Mariam Eldabaja gravesite - with beautiful flowers
Ahmed Hutto temporary marker
Collection of graves, overgrown and under maintained
"Welcome to Allah from whom we came"
Tall weed in front of a tombstone
Ray Delbert Baker tombstone

Small white picket fence outlines this grave

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The teal on white lettering is a nice departure

Al Hadj Shaikh Abdur Rahim 2002

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