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Mountain View Cemetery - Oakland, CA

August, 2010
Nice seat to take in the majestic view
View from the Top
Massive plots - and one of the pyramids to the right
One of many pyramids

Merritt family mausoleum

Mountain View cemetery in Oakland, California, is an amazing necropolis, sprawling up pristine, manicured hills and boasting vistas most of us will never see in life, let alone in death. Most of the monuments featured here are of the massive examples found on "Billionaires Row" toward the top of the acreage. This is the only place outside Egypt where I have seen pyramid mausoleums.

A pair of pyramids
Bradbury family pyramid-shaped mausoleum
Miller family pyramid mausoleum
Merritt in the background, Avery in the foreground
Miller mausoleum. Notice the Egyptian adornment
Crocker family monument
Very Gothic Delcer family mausoleum
Crocker family monument
Frances K. Schmidt seated angel monument
Howard family monuments
Row of tombstones
George Lawson Bledsoe Plaque
Miller mausoleum occupants
View of the Kraft monument through a dead tree
Coleman's Castle. Gotta love the architecture
Doe family mausoleum
Frances K. Schmidt seated angel monument
Walkerly mausoleum
Frances K. Schmidt seated angel monument
Military section of the cemetery

I didn't have nearly the time I would have liked to explore this amazing necropolis in the Oakland hills. If you plan to visit, allow a whole day to truly appreciate it.

All images © Copyright Warren Paul Harris

All Rights Reserved

Walkerly mausoleum