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Little Elm Cemetery - Little Elm, Texas

June 10, 2007
Family plot of the Estradas. Note the festive decorations
Little Elm Cemetery entrance
Propped-up headstones
Filigreed Aluminum Cross for Linda F. Ortega
With engraved stone of an angel playing a harp
Hand-etched stone for J.S. Age 54
White rocks are left by visitors
Dr. George Harper headstone with metal u-channel to suppot the broken stone
TE inscription on stone cast in concrete
RW inscription on stone cast in concrete
Temporary metal marker for Reba Warren
Ortega family plot
Kenneth Walters US Army bronze marker
Jody Michelle Barrett - aged 12 with music staff
Simple wooden cross with cowboy boot and bench
Simple wooden crosses
A wether-beaten tree guards these family plots
Infrared of weather-beaten tree and graves
Infrared of cemetery road
Infrared scenic of Little Elm cemetery
Solariezd - Graves nestled in the trees

Little Elm cemetery is one of those places wehere graves have been transplanted to make way for progress. I was told a number of graves were moved to Little Elm to make way fo the Lake Lewisville project. They were going to be inundated when the lake was created so the final resting place for dozens of people was relocated to this bucolic setting.

All images © Copyright Warren Paul Harris
All Rights Reserved

Infrared of Ortega family plot