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Oakwood Cemetery - Jacksboro, Texas

June 15, 2008
Castleberry and Carpenter graves
Oakwood Cemetery entrance
Allie - broken headstone
Joseph Henson tombstone 1887

Oakwood Cemetery plaque

Scrappy Thompson headstone - 1.5 years old
Row of low-profile tombstones
Mc marker block
Henry Homer Wood - 2 years old 1894
Baby Henson - 1897
M.W. Wall + Rebekah Wall - aged 7 years
Frank Oz 1899 / Rose A. 1917 / Joeephine Myers 1962
Stack of tombstone pieces
Infrared view of cemetery
Edward R. Suess - US Navy 1997
Jerry Simpson age 15
reverse side of Jerry Simpson
Iva G Allen tombstone
James A Nelms, Sr monument
Row of tombstones
Row of monuments: Adams, Cherryhomes, Lacewell, Raines
James T. Leach 1884

Oakwood Cemetery
Jacksboro, Texas
June 14, 2008
Burial ground for over a century - graves dating from 1859. Land was given by old settlers, 1883-1904.

All images © Copyright Warren Paul Harris

All Rights Reserved

Mary Hensley 1899 - Ann M Cooper 1896

Frances Yokum - 1873

I didn't have nearly the time I would have liked to explore this amazing necropolis in the Oakland hills. If you plan to visit, allow a whole day to truly appreciate it.

Old settlers era tombstones