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Indian Creek Cemetery - Tioga, Texas

July 27, 2007
E.C.H. block with upended chunk of granite
Indian Creek Cemetery entrance
Infrared scenic of a row of tombstones
Sonny Boy -- infant son of Percy Autry
Tall monument to Lou Bakerr, wife of J.W. Baker
Infrared of lichen-encrusted tombstone
Infrared scenic of cemetery
Caroline Kimbrough headstone
Autry family headstones for Elliah, Maggie, Avice, infant son of Cal & Maggie + John H. Williams
Hand-etched block for infant son of D and Alma Umated
Solarized scenic shot of Indian Creek Cemetery
Autry family headstones for Avice, infant son of Cal & Maggie + John H. Williams
Wife block
Autry family plot
Father block
Hand-etched rock for "A Son of JJ Adams
Infrared of early settle stones in the trees
Single example of an early settler stone marker
Enhanced scenic of Indian Creek Cemetery with building in the foreground
Hand-hewn early settler stone
Highly detailed hand-etched rock used as a marker

Tioga's claim to fame is being the birthplace of Gene Auty "The Singing Cowboy". You will see many Autrys buried here in Indian Creek, but no sign of Gene. I am assuming he is interred somewhere in Hollywood.

All images © Copyright Warren Paul Harris
All Rights Reserved

Heart-shaped monument to Stella Lee Walker, aged 6 years