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Hood Cemetery - Southlake, Texas

March 19, 2007
Hood Cemetery
Family plot
A.A.T. Marker


Deftly concealed away from prying eyes, this little gem is steeped in history and peace..

Early settlers adopted the culture of the Native Americans in using rocks to mark their relatives' final resting places.

Hood Cemetery Plaque
.Anna B. Higgins headstone
Francis M. Webb tombstone (note spelling)
Tombstone embedded in a tree
Calvin Eaves tombstone with blue flowers
Row of tombstones from the 1800s
Bed of quarried stone at a surface
George W. Early settlers tombstone - hand-etched
Stone markers typical of the early settlers

If I had not been told about this cemetery by a client, I never would have found it. Even after receiving instructions, it took a bit of time to locate this serene necropolis in a wooded glade.

All images © Copyright Warren Paul Harris
All Rights Reserved

G.W. Warren simple marker