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Hall Cemetery - Howe, Texas

September 1, 2008
Hall Cemetery entrance
Main Road
Dedication plaque

Hall Cemetery, cleverly concealed just outside Howe, TX, is a beautiful Final Destination for hundreds of North Texans.


Located on land patented by Anderson White, April 22, 1850, by Peters Colony, an immigration project which had received a large land grant in this region from the Republic of Texas, burial plot was begon January 6, 1857 upon the death of White's daughter, Sarah White Haning, wife of Aaron Haning. One week later, on Jan 13, a second grave was added, that of haning's mother, Rachel Pierce Haning. In June 1857, White sold his land in the area, but reserved 2 acres, surrounding the burial site, deeded April 1859 to trustees for a public cemetery.

Named for Benjamin F. Hall, Pioneer Minister of the Disciples of Christ, Doctor, Dentist and Lawyer, who owned the White property from 1857 to 1872, and founded several churches in the area..

Hall Cemetery Plaque
Among those buried here are the first settlers of tis part of Grayson County, who migrated to Texas from the eastern United States; a number of veterans of the army of the Confederate States of America, and several rural victims of the great Sherman Tornado of May 15, 1896.
Low angle of tombstones and cloud-flecked sky
Broken tombstones against a tree
Harriet Haning gravesite
William Turner Copeland gravesite
John Moore and Lisabeth Moore tombstones
Rev. Henry Davis tombstone
A pair of tall tombstones
Charles and Marjorie Underwood gravesite
Fallen tombstone
Nellie B. Davis monument by a wrought iron fence
Row of tombstones
Iron caged tombstone
Infant son of W.H. and Louisa Holt
Scenic view
Cracked tombstone lying by a tree
Tree stump and tombstone
Dramatic tree with 3 tombstones in foreground
Castle-type tombstones with bulbs
Assorted tombstone shapes
Broken Hancock monument
Trevino monument
Castle-type tombstone with spikes
Detaiiled finial
Infrared trees and glade
Line of notched heavy tombstones
Brend Aaron Douglas ornate figured tombstone
Little Sidney Hancock. Aged 1.5 years
Row of tombstones
Brent Aaron Douglas
Variety of tombstones
Infrared cemetery
Wrought iron fence scenic in infrared
Infrared scenic
Infrared scenic
Wrought Iron fence in infrared
Infrared landscape
Bean tombstone in infrared

Wheeler family plot

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All Rights Reserved

Scenic landscape in infrared