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Edom Cemetery - Edom, Texas

Spring 2008
Confederate Veterans plaque
Edom Cemetery plaque
This sizable cemetery, located just outside Edom, Texas dates back to the mid-1800s and is the final resting place of many Confederate veterans and a few outlaws according to local legend.
Claude L. Gay
May family plot
Family plot
Jimmie Palmer headstone
Infant son of the Olivers. 1 day old
Therston headstone
Flowers at the Saylors gravesite
Coy V. and Emily Butler
Edom Cemetery entrance
Row of tombstones
Row of tombstones
Row of tombstones
Effie Saylors monument
Infrared shot showing lichen growth
Infant son of R.R. and A.M. Gray
Crumbling family plot
Infrared images of Edom Cemetery
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