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Pioneer Cemetery - Dallas, Texas

March 6, 2011
Early settler tombstone
Overview of cemetery with Dallas in the background
Adelia Hunt monument in forreground
The area now known as Pioneer Cemetery is comprised of the remnants of four early graveyards. The graves, dating from the 1850s, include many of Dallas' early settlers and civic leaders.
Two of the graveyards that now make up Pioneer Cemetery were associated with early Dallas fraternal organizations. the earliest marked grave in the section once known as the Tannehlill Lodge No. 52 Masonic Cemetery is that of Elizabeth McPherson, who died in 1853. R.P. Rogers (d.1852) is the oldest known interment in the section once belonging to Lodge No. 44 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Pioneer Cemetery Plaque
Some of the land nearby was once used as a cemetery by the Hebrew Benevolent Association. The property was deeded to Congregation Emanuel in 1912, and in 1956, the graves were moved to the Emanuel Cemetery. The fourth section, known as Old City Cemetery, was formally deeded to the City of Dallas in 1871. It's oldest marked grave, that of John Henry Long, is dated 1870.
The last burials in what is now called Pioneer Cemetery took part in the latter part of the 1920s. The monuments that have remained over time are significant reminders of the history of the City of Dallas.
Confederate Infantry drove bayonets through columns that never before reeled to the shock of battle.
Robert E. Lee statue
It was given the ? and valor of Confederate Seamen ? naval warfare over the earth
Efected by the Daughers of the Confederacy
Dallas Chapeter No. 6
June 25th 1896
This stone shall crumble into dust ere the deathless devotion of Southern women be forgotten.
The brazen lips of Southern cannon thundered and unanswered anthem to the god of battle.
Confederate Monument
Top of the Confederate Monument
Confederate Monument
Stonewall Jackson
A precious one...
The Confederate sabeur kissed his blade homeward riding straight into the mouth of hell.
Luc Bourgeois memorial
Distant pair of tombstones
Wm. P. Martin
Aug 4, 1832
Jan 13 ?
Son of J.R. & L.J. Boydstun
Mar 3, 1870
Feb 10, 1880
Willie - infant marker
Rev. William Ceiton Young
Aug 7, 1827
Mar 25, 1921
Capt. LA Militia 1861
Slemons Ark Cavalry
Brigade - C.S.A.
First Methodist Church
Dallas - 1866
Past Master
Tannehill Lodge No. 52
Young Street bears his name.

Alma & Lillie Young
Alma I.F. Young
June 14, 1861
June 11, 1885
23 yrs 11 mos 27 days

Lillie F. Young
May 14, 1870
Sept 19, 1885
15 yrs 4 mos 5 days

Outlined plot with un-inscribed cube in the center

Pleasant P Ward
63 years
Sinah J Ward

Teresa Long
Anna Dunway Long
Ann C Gray 1875-1878
Albert P Gray 1877-1879
Child of Chas & Sarah Wells
Unreadable headstone
Temperance Smith Richards
Apr 23, 1824
Aug 6, 1874
wife of Thomas W. Richards
Member of Royal White Hart Lodge No. 10
Clayton, Alabama
Wife of C.H. Beauchamp
Mar 1812
Mar 1867
A pair of early settler monuments
Monument adorned in sea shells
An unreadable tombstone with a shield carved in it
Nicholas Henry Darnell
(April 20, 1807 - June 7, 1885)
Soon after arriving in Texas in 1838, Nicholas Darnell was elected to the Republic of Texas Congress, where he served as Speaker of the House. A delegate to the 1845 Statehood Convention, he later represented Dallas and Tarrant Counties in the State Legislature, again serving as Speaker. He resigned in 1863 to lead the 18th Texas Cavalry. After the Civil War, Darnell was again elected to the Texas Legislature and was a delegate to the 1875 Constitutional Convention.
Nicholas Henry Darnell

Mary E. Purnell
Feb 7, 1825 - May 18, 1899

James E. Purnell

Julius C Bogel
Mar 28, 1842 - Jan 10, 1903

Alfred Fletcher
Born about July 1, 1847 - Died May 14, 1901

Jennie Catherine
Wife of R.B. Scott
Born in Pike Co, MO
July 25, 1842
Jan 14, 1902
At Rest

Dr. Roy. B. Scott
June 17, 1822
Oct 4, 1884
Son of R.B & J.C. Scott
Aug 25, 1867
Aug 29, 1869

Our Mother
Camilla W. Scott
Died Dec 12, 1883

Our Father
? Scott
Died Oct 20, 1878

Old, damaged tombstone with script and the name "Scott" barely visible.
Old tombstone, preserved in cement for someone named Sanders
Sarah A.
Daughter of F. & M. Patterson
Sister of J.M. Patterson
Born 1815

Seay Family
Eugene S. Seay
Adelia Seay
Dr. David Stayton
Passed Away 1876

1st Lt Samuel B Pryor
Texas Arty C S A
1816-1866 MD
G.H. Beeler (George)
In Honor of Service in the War of 1812
Sarah Beeler
Wife of Geo. H. Beeler
Died May 15, 1879
Age 75 years
James K. Polk Record
Educated in Tennessee as a lawyer, J.K.P. Record became the District Attorney for Dallas in 1860. He left that office to serve in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, but returned here after the conflict. In 1866 he became a State Senator and served as a delegate to the Texas Constitutional Convention of 1866. He later practiced law in Dallas and was an active member of the Masons and the Odd Fellows organizations.


Rhoda D. Record
Wife of JKP Record
Feb 22, 1844
Nov 26, 1870

James K.P. Record
Oct 29, 1834
Jan 16, 1872

Unusual, organic-looking monument with scooped surface.

James K.P. Record
Oct 29, 1834
Jan 16, 1872

Open iron gate to a large, wrought-iron fenced plot
Nannie E.
Wife of J.C. McConnell
May 22, 1843 - Feb 28, 1877

C.G. Newton
Sept 25, 1816 - Jan 9, 18?

Ava Newton
Mar 16, 1859 - Nov 12, 1877

Robert C.A. Grebe
Son of M & A Grebe
Born at Lincoln, Ill.
June 19, 1876 - May 17, 1878
German inscription
Infant son of J.I. & N.L. Reaves
Dec 24, 1891
My Husband. This base is the only remnant.
Scenic view of Convention Center and bare trees
Morris Jacoby
Sept 15, 1861 - July 10, 1905
Morris - engineer
killed Nov 9, 1876
Aged 49 years
J.B. McDermett
Louis Armistead
beloved son of
Clarence & Mary L. Shumate
Aug 14, 1891 - Sept 28, 1898
Luc Bourgeois
Dec 12, 1885
55 Years
Margaret M.
Wife of B. Warren Stone
Katherine Polk
Wife of John M. Crockett
James W. (Weck) Latimer
Latimer was born in New London, Conn. Moved to Texas with Family, in 1833.
Founder and editor first newspaper in Dallas, 1849. Known originally as "The Cedar Snag", then as "Dallas Herald." Incorporated into "Dallas Morning News" 1885.
Little Rufus
2d Lt.
John W Lane
18 Texas Cav
Feb 23 1835
Sept 16 1888
John W. Lane
Kentucky native John W. Lane (1835-1889) was a member of Tannehill Lodge No. 52 AF&AM. Trained as a printer, he came to Dallas in 1859 and worked for the Dallas Herald newspaper. He married Elizabeth Crutchfield in 1860 and the next year joined the 18th Texas Cavalry to serve in the Civil War. Upon returning to Dallas, Lane was elected Mayor. He resigned to become personal Secretary to Gov. James Throckmorton. As State Representative (1869-1872), Lane ensured the future development of Dallas by amending legislation in 1871 that changed the route of the Texas and Pacific Railroad.
John J. Eakins
Oct 6, 1823 - S ept 27, 1886

Susan Floyd

to the memory of
Susan Anna Floyd
wife of John Jay Good

Mississippi native John Jay Good practiced law in Alabama before moving to Dallas in 1851. He married Susan Anna Floyd in 1854. Good was involved in early local and state government and was a charter member of the local Odd Fellows' Lodge in 1855. He served the Confederacy in the Civil War as a Colonel of an artillery regiment. Good later became a district judge and was elected as Mayor of Dallas in 1880.

John J Good
July 12, 1827 - Sept 17, 1882
N.E.C. Commander of the
G. Commandery KT of Tex

Jesse Moon
Died Jan 17, 1885
36 years
J. Boydstiun
June 10, 1834 - May 15, 1886
John McClannahan Crockett
(December 26, 1816 - August 4, 1887)
South Carolina native John M. Crockett married Katherine (Kate) Polk in 1837. In 1848 they moved to Dallas where Crockett opened one of the pioneer settlement's first law offices. Crockett served as a State Legislator, Mayor of Dallas, and Meteorological Observer for The Smithsonian Institution in the 1850s, and as Lt. Governor of Texas during it's first two years in the Confederacy. A prominent Mason, Crockett also helped establish the Grange in North Texas.
Wife of H.H. Boles
Born in Kentucky Jun 25, 1824
Infant son of J.M & S.E. Patterson
Died at Birth
Little Hulda E.
Dau of J.S. Berovist
Oct 28, 1879 - May 12, 1880
Patterson Family Plot
Unusual concrete and brick enclosure
John Martin Stemmons
August 22, 1830 - May 4, 1890
My Wife
Hattie - wife of W. McDonald
daughter of J.M & S. Stemmons
Sept 5, 1869 - Feb 22, 1888
Mamas sunbeam
Darling Little Helen Deane
Fell asleep May 12, 1879
Born July 19, 1877

A.W. Fowler
Born in Laurens Co, SC Jan 8, 1829
Died Aug 26, 1861
Their infants
Ara & A.J. Jr.

Juliet A. Peak
Wife of A.Y. Fowler
Born in Warsaw, Ky May 8, 1837
Died June 4, 1889

Juliette Abbey Peak Fowler
(May 8, 1837 - June 4, 1889)
After the deaths of her husband and children in the early 1860s, Juliette Peak Fowler lived in Dallas and was active in local charitable causes. Committed to orphans and elderly women during her life, she provided for their benevolent care in her will. Under the direction of her sister, Sarah Peak Harwood, the Juliette Fowler Homes began in 1892. Transferred to the Disciples of Christ Church in 1903, the Homes continue to reflect the goals and ideals of their founder.

Thomas Flynn
Born Nov 13, 1833
Native of County Kerry, Ireland

James Flynn
Feb 1, 1874 - July 1, 1874


Ethel Eatman Hodges
Feb 1, 1885 - Dec 4, 1889
Franklin Owen Sale
Oct 19, 1836 - July 25, 1874
In loving remembrance of my mother
Mrs. Eleanor H. Russell
who was born in Spencer County, Ky.
June 15, 1813
Died in Dallas, TX - March 22, 1890
The widow of a Texas Veteran
A devoted wife and mother
A lover of justice. A member of the Methodist Church...
Cracked tombstone

John William Crowdus
July 6, 1828 - Sept 11, 1895

Fanny Ball
Wife of J.W. Crowdus
July 17, 1829 - June 17, 1885

Rev. Silas Davenport
Who passed through the gate of death into eternal life
Jan 1, 1877 - Aged 47 years
Chonnoch C.
Feb 13, 1831 - 1864
Row of tombstone bases in concrete

Savilla Cooper
Wife of Daniel Cooper
Mar 11, 1834
Daniel Cooper
Feb 8, 1827 - Mar 11, 1913

Wife of TJF Brown
Apr 3, 1863 - Jan 8, 1914
at Rest
Jerry M Brown
Feb 27, 1828 - Nov 26, 1879

Thos J.A.
Son of J.M & L.J. Brown
Feb 2, 1855 - April 1886
Maggie E. Buckland
Daughter of J.M & L.J. Brown
June 1857 - Oct 7, 1877

A very old and worn unknown child's tombstone
A very old and worn small tombstone with embedded cross
Early settler tombstones
A very old and worn small tombstone with the surname Bolan
Barton Warren Stone

In memory of
John M & Frances Smithlaws
Brother & Sisters
Erected by Penelope

Barton Warren Stone
Kentucky native Barton Warren Stone came to Dallas from Tennessee in 1851. He prospered at farming and the practice of law. In 1852 he helped lead a rebellion against Peters Colony agent H.O. Hedgecoxe. Though initially opposed to Texas' secession, Stone organized and commanded two Confederate Cavalry regiments during the Civil War. He later moved his family to a farm in Missouri but returned to Dallas in 1879 to practice law.

A pair of separate tombstones, inset in concrete to preserve them:
William Barton
March 7, 1814 - July 26, 1873
Maggie J.
Wife of A. Cain
May 5, 1850 - Dec 30, 1878

C.G. Newton
Sept 25, 1816 - Jan 9, 18?
Ava Newton
Mar 16, 1859 - Nov 12, 1877

Bertha M.
Dau of J.S. & Callie Hastings
Oct 23, 1896 - Nov 27, 1899
Blank, old tombstone, set in concrete to preserve it.

Eliza H.
Wife of Rev. S. Armstrong
May 28, 1815 - Mar 18, 1877

Dr. Wm Hora Armstrong
Born in Tuskegee Ala. Feb 11, 1849
and departed this life July 25, 1884

Annie Vernon
Wife of J. Vernon
March 10, 1877 - Aged 29 years
A shattered tombstone is embedded in concrete to preserve it. A name cannot be made out clearly, but the rusted wire mesh around the plot supports an arch of iron wire with "ANNIE" spelled out in wire.
Little Allene
Dau of T.L. & L.J. Marsalis
Oct 25, 1874 - Dec 26, 1878

Amanda Miller
Wife of E.B. Miller
July 1847 - May 1877

Husband and children, I must leave you.
Leave - yes. Leave you all alone;
But my blessed Saviour calls me -
Calls me to a heavenly home.

Anna Ebert Tombstone
Anna Maria Ebert
1882 - 1887
Alexander Harwood
Born in Franklin, Tennessee June 4, 1826
Died July 29, 1885
Sarah A. Peak
Wife of Alexander Harwood
Born in Warsaw, Ky Feb 10, 1833
Died July 16, 1914
I am in the hands of the Almighty God
Alexander Harwood
Alexander Harwood came to Dallas in 1844 from Tennessee after the death of his first wife Isabella Daniel Harwood in 1851. He married Sarah Peak in 1855. Harwood was elected County Clerk six times between 1850 and 1880. He was Senior Warden of the Tannehill Masonic Lodge and served the Confederacy as Assistant to Postmaster General John H. Reagan. Harwood represented Dallas County at the 1866 State Constitutional Convention.
"Sanctify them through thy truth. Thy word is truth." John 17.17
Old, small unknown infant tombstone
An old, small tombstone with 1877 readable
Adelia Jane Hunt
Wife of E.W. Hunt
May 1831-Nov 1859
A view from the cemetery of the Confederate Monument
Fowler Plaque
In the distance, a blurry view of the Confederate Monument is seen over the tombstone of Sarah Beeler
Alexander Harwood Plaque
James Martin Patterson
Kentucky native James Martin Patterson arrived in Dallas in 1846. Patterson and John W. Smith opened one of the first stores in Dallas using their pooled resources of $700. They built a flatboat and attempted to ship cotton down the Trinity Rive to the Gulf Coast in 1851. Patterson served as Chief Justice (County Judge) from 1854-66. He retired in 1875 and managed his extensive property holdings until his death.
John Good Plaque
Crockett Plaque
James Martin Patterson Plaque