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Crossroads Cemetery - Celina, Texas

March 8, 2009
Lula M. Tucker - lived less than 8 months
Crossroads Cemetery Entrance
Primrose McCoy, born & died in November 1909
Alverda L. Glenn gravesite
I spotted this undocumented cemetery many weeks before I made the time to photograph it. Since it is at the intersection of two country roads, locating a safe place to park is the real trick.
Kate Ledbetter headstone
Cluster of tombstones and Crape Myrtle
Cluster of tombstones and Crape Myrtle
Row of markers tilted in every direction
W. Richard Robinson tombstone
Isaac A. Farris headstone
Infant daughter of S.S & G.Y. Adamson
C. Henry Klinglesmith headstone
H. M. Green - died at age 11
Willie Newton Robinson - 2 years old
Myrtle Roren headstone
Here lies a tragic story of a family that just can't catch a break. Three children in the Waggoner family lost so young...
Mrs. N.J. Phipps headstone
Collection of headstones
Sudie McQueen - 10 years old
Panoramic view of cemetery
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