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Old Celina Cemetery - Celina, Texas

July 7, 2007
Entrance to Old Celina Cemetery
Joel T. Shepherd marker
Jayson Wade West - infrared
I've wanted to photograph this cemetery since the day I discovered it almost 6 years ago and this month I finally made the pilgrimage on my Harley (the way I discovered it originally) and found it as fascinating as the first time I saw it. Much of the area was still brimming with water from our torrential rains, but the grounds were rich and green (and slightly overgrown).
Old Celina Cemetery plaque
Flowers and a tiny cross - infrared
A lily laying in the grass
Mary Ethel Bateman headstone
Infrared landscape of Old Celina Cemetery
Row of tombstones in infrared
Tombstones in the trees
Bateman headstone
Roberts headstone in infrared
Brightly colored flowers and a tiny cross
Pair of stone cross tombstones
Gate sign
Scenic landscape of Old Celina Cemetery
Infrared landscape of Old Celina Cemetery