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Calvary Cemetery - Denison, Texas

Spring 2009
We specifically made the trek to Denison, Texas to find this cemetery and the spectacular angel monument you see here to the right and above. This Catholic cemetery on the outskirts of the city is set among native old growth trees and open rolling hills. Complete with a pair of Roadrunners who make this site their home, this classic Texas Necropolis was a delight to visit and photograph.
Angel Tears
Calvary Cemetery Entrance
Paul Balsano monument
In a stroke of good fortune, I spotted the flycatcher below as he landed on a tombstone. He was half way across the cemetery from me. so I zoomed all the way in with my 200mm telephoto and fired off 2 shots, both of which seemed (hopefully) acceptably sharp. Given that I was not using an Image Stabiized lens, it was a completely overcast day, ISO of 200 and hand-holding the camera, I feared I might have some blur in the images. As I tried to move closer for a better vantage point, he flew away. As it turns out, both shots were perfectly sharp - better than I had hoped for.
Row of small angels
Leaning cross
Peaceful Interlude
Praying angel monument
The monuments depicted above and below are parish priests from the 1800s to the early 1900s. The ring of markers around the large monuments are for the nuns of St. Patrick's parish.
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