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Bethany Cemetery - Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas - April 2007
The story of Bethany Cemetery
Long shot of entire cemetery
Bethany Cemetery plaque
Bethany Cemetery As with many local cemeteries, the full story of the Bethany Cemetery is on this plaque. The church was founded in 1876 and was disbanded in 1933 due to dwindling membership. The cemetery is historically associated with the Bethany Christian Church and school. The cemetery, church and school were ounded by R.W. Carpenter, an early Plano settler and Civil War Veteran. The first burial here was for Walter Clark, an infant who died January 4, 1877. Carpenter's own daughter, Mary Katie died March 14, 1878 and was the second burial. R.W. himself, in addition to other members of the family rest here. The southern end of the property once housed the church, school and a teacher's dormitory. Although no markers are visible, there are reports of unmarked burials in this area as well.
Annie E. Mathews
Baby girl of Fank and Mary Mathews
Broken Finial
Into the Light - Carpenter monument
Overhead view of cemetery through a tree
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Wide-angle view from ground level
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