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Baccus Cemetery - Plano, Texas

April, 2007
Row of tombstones in the setting sun
East gate to Baccus Cemetery
8 Block
Row of tombstones in the setting sun

Infrared Photo of Cemetery Surrounded by Urban Development
This decaying necropolis is surrounded by shopping malls in Plano, Texas
The bronze plaque at the entrance reads:
Henry Cook (1775-1862), a veteran of the war of 1812, settled here in 1845 as a member of the Peters colony.
His log house, located nearby, was a landmark on the Shawnee Trail. He first used this property as a family cemetery in 1847
for the burial of his son Daniel (b. 1831). His daughter Rachel Cook Baccus deeded the burial ground to his heirs in 1878.
Shel later donated adjoining land for consttruction of the Bacchus Christian Church Sanctuary. The Cemetery, named in her honor,
about 1915, is still in use. The church was disbanded in the 1930s.


Death and Construction
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Infrared row of tombstones